Warning Labels

Hobbo has written another one today in response to a competition by Chelsea Ann Owens. The poem is called ‘Warning Labels’ and you’ll find it under ‘Other poems’ on http://www.hobbospoems.com


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Today’s brand new ditty is called Friends. We hope you like it!


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Find it in the menu under ‘other poems.’

A very special lady

The eulogy for Dorothy Townson has already been put on Facebook, so we have decided to share it here on hobbospoems, and created a special page for it. We are sure she wouldn’t mind, and it will give you a flavour of her long, productive and much loved life. Mum would have been quite proud really. We can just picture her now saying, “Ooh. Who’d ever have thought that I’d be posh enough to go on Facebook.” She was indeed, a very special lady.

Hobbo and Dauphy

Dorothy Townson (1929 – 2020) R.I.P

A sad day

There will be no daily poem tomorrow on http://www.hobbospoems.com because we are going to Warton, Carnforth to say our final goodbyes to a very special lady who died last week.

If you want something to do, while we’re away, have a look at our song ‘The way we were.’ No it’s not the Barbara Streisand number, it’s our own lyrics to the awesome Bohemian Rhapsody by the brilliant Freddie Mercury. Any musicians amongst you who’d like to give it a go? We’d love to see your video!

Dauphy and Hobbo

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Today’s brand new poem on http://www.hobbospoems.com is called cheers. You’ll find it in the menu under other poems. Cheers!


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Today’s poem is a naughty limerick by Hobbo, called ‘Fishing’. You’ll find it in the Saucy Corner.

If you don’t like the rude stuff, check out the monologue section. Remember ‘Albert and the lion’ written by Marriott Edgar, and performed by the great Stanley Holloway. These poems are a tribute to him. ‘Where there’s a will.’ is a good one to start with.


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The Trip

Checkout today’s funny poem. We’ve called it the trip and you’ll find it on our website http://www.hobbospoems.com on the Other Poems page.


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Covid 19

Dauphy has written anew ditty about Covid 19. Check it out on the other poems page.

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New Song

All you Queen fans, check out our new Freddie Mercury tribute on the song page, a new ‘take’ on Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Fresh Poems

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More new poems freshly published.  Including one about Horatio, and you don't need to be a genius to work out where you will find that one!
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