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A huge thank you to all the photographers who have teamed up with Pexels.Com to provide thousands of copyright free photographs for WordPress users. Your photos are awesome!

Saucy Corner

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Some people don't like Saucy Corner
Which is the reason the warning is there
But if, like Edmo, it's your favourite
Read today's latest, if you dare!

Thank You

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Thanks to everyone who is following, liking or even just viewing my new website. Those of you who share my quirky sense of humour, I’ve put some fresh poems and photos in each category. Hope you enjoy them.

Fresh monologue

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Check out my brand new monologue, ‘Tommy’s birthday.’ This will get your chuckle muscle working!

New Poems

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Four new poems added to the site today. Check them out please. Let me know what you think. Thanks


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Thanks Dauphy. I am now finding my way round the website. I’ve set up five categories of poem. There is just one example of each for the moment. Plenty more to follow later. Just click on the link to read each one. Hope you like the accompanying photos. Please enjoy.


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