The Fox

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The fox
Stealthily creeping
Sleek and sly
Brush tail sweeping
The fox glides by.

The Challenge

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The challenge

A beautiful woman named Claire
Sent her dad down a wire for a dare
Like Castor and Pollux
They trussed up his bollocks
The height of it gave him a scare.

He flew through the air like a plane
From Portugal right into Spain
She was clearly so proud
But he said to the crowd
"You won't get me on it again."


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Crazy Maisie, ticky tocky
Oops a daisy, Jabberwocky
Easy peasy, squishy squashy
Lemon squeezy, wishy washy

Steady Eddie, sweet as honey
Fiery Freddie, funny bunny
Buster Grimes and chilly Willy
Nonsense rhymes are just plain silly.

The conqueror

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The Conqueror

Veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered
Just showing off


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Invisible killer
Cowardly opponent
You will not beat us.

Three little lines

Three lines of poetry
Seventeen syllables
Voila a haiku
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The Magnificent Seven

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The Magnificent Seven

They've had to disband
The Magnificent Seven
Covid rules state six.


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Haiku make me laugh
They don't rhyme or anything
Which is a bit weird.

Black lives matter

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Black lives matter

Black lives matter, our latest refrain
Praying this time, the phrase will remain
Until at last our mindset's been changed
Living in peace, no culture estranged.

Look at the States, so many have died
For trivial stuff, police homicide?
The many campaigns, like 'I can't breathe'
'Sandie speaks' and 'Taking the knee.'

Black lives matter, but if you adjoint
White lives, all lives, you're missing the point
Mikey Holding, the sports commentator
Eruditely explained what the campaign's for.

Hundreds of years racial exclusion
Frustration breeds, blacks need inclusion
No one's born bad, from parents our views
Neighbours and teachers, the six o'clock news.

What we need then, good education
Learn to be friends, no segregation
'Black lives matter,' really, I get it
Let's make changes, let's not forget it.

The Zoo

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The Zoo

"Zookeeper," he said
"I fear this won't do
You've only one dog
And that's a shih tzu."

"That cannot be true
You're comments are crass
You see, I've got you
...A pain in the ass.

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