These little gems of wisdom are a Japanese form of short poetry. Similar to Haiku in construction, they have three lines and contain 17 ‘syllables.’ Senryu are cynical or humorous and tend to be about human nature. Haiku are more serious. Neither form rhyme.

people performing
their ordinary jobs

not politicians then?

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totally opposite
the natural order
this bird in a cage.
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ashes to ashes
dust to dust let me push up
not weeds but flowers
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The Park
couldn't be easier
mood lifting therapy
a walk in the park
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freedom of speech meets
religious extremism
Paris atrocity
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mental health menace
we're all social animals.
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from cradle to grave
in the blink of an eye
tempus fugit time flies.
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Fish and Chips
fish chips and mushy peas
sorted out my life
like you would not believe.
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The face
this wrinkled old face
in the shaving mirror
reflecting my whole life.
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Careful what you wish for
winter twenty nineteen
I'm sick of the news
it's nothing but Brexit.
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Boris speaks today
he has a cunning plan
borrowed from Black Adder.
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The Garden
an hour in the garden
reconnect with nature
music for the mind.
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cinemas sport crowds
social interaction
do you remember when?
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invisible problem
socially excluded
deaf as a fish
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The Scammer
love was in her heart
was in her fat bank account.
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Nothing worse
broken nail, nothing worse
fire? flood? fear? famine?
world war? pandemic?
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The waiter
"Here waiter," I said
"I'll give you a tip.
Take your thumb out of my soup."
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Sexual abuse
Happening again
Morally bankrupt churches.
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You can beat an egg
Or beat a person
But will not, ever, beat love.
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Which gear is going up?
So is down up then?
Teaching wife to cycle.
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Manx, Sphynx, Siamese
Pug, Cairn, Labrador
It's raining cats and dogs.
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Black lives matter
Black people equal
One small step for man
A giant leap for mankind
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If men are from Mars
And women from Venus
Who comes from planet Earth?
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WiFi, dongle, blue teeth
Grandson says I need
Will my dentist fit them?
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The conqueror

Veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered
Just showing off.

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Invisible killer
Cowardly opponent
You will not beat us.
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Three little lines

Three lines of poetry
Seventeen syllables
Voila a haiku
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Magnificent Seven

They've had to disband
The magnificent seven
Covid rules state six.
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Haiku make me laugh
They don't rhyme or anything
Which is a bit weird.
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Seasonal Change

stunning mother nature
fresh frock every day

have you met my wife?
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