Six word stories

Me and Dauphy have branched out into story telling. No need for all you brilliant authors to worry though. My main interest is in poems, and because I am what Dauphy would call a lazy monkey by nature, there is no danger of any War and Peace type novel appearing here any time soon.

These stories will be limited to the six word format and will be posted sporadically. Much will depend upon how inspirational Dauphy is feeling.

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That's no excuse!

Drunk again, his cover story unraveled.
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Army Shocker!

'Fire at' Will sues for discrimination.
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Amazing fact

World's strongest man catches a train.
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Eastern Promise

Things were not as they seemed.
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The truth should have remained hidden.
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The vows

She discovers something.  He loses everything.
True Crime

Knife evidence stabs murderer in back.

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Modern Politics

Tooth Fairy accuses Santa of fraud.
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Miss Marple

Gardener discovers fatal thaw in plot!
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Prime Minister Material

Bumbling Boris bungles Britain's biggest battle.
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His resolution

Prolific serial killer's resolve, is toast.
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Jailbreak Season

Fall guy, springs Winter. Summer leaves.
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Fish in tank shoots killer whale.
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A fishy tail

Angler lands dream job. Wakes up.
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When the fun stops, stop

They gambled responsibly. They got married!


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Rough Justice

Executed for heinous crimes. Completely exonerated.
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I can not claim the credit for this short story. It was the title of a song written by Cole Porter way back in 1929. It was recorded by many people including Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. It is a great story, because again it shows how punctuation can change entirely the meaning of the words.


The big question

What! Is this thing called love?
What is this thing called? Love?
What is this thing called love?

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This story shows the importance of punctuation, even on the shortest of pieces…

Brexit Negotiations

Oven ready, Brexit goose is cooked.
Oven ready Brexit. Goose is cooked.
Oven ready Brexit goose, is cooked.
Oven ready Brexit goose is...cooked!
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Karen's next revelation ruined those plans.
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