In the garden

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In the garden

Eve had to explain
To Adam, again
That the apple and snake were symbolic.
Then he peeked underneath
His lady's fig leaf
And up shot his pressure, systolic!

Why men have nipples

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Why men have nipples

God said to Adam,
"I'll make you a madam,
But I'll give you some nipples to play,
Then when you meet Eve,
You can make her believe
That you know what you're doing, okay?"

The apple of his eye

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The apple of his eye

Adam, says Eve
Do you fancy an apple
And then if you're lucky
Maybe a grapple.

An apple, says Adam
Scratching his chin
What will God say
Won't we commit sin?

Eve shows her wares
To the shy Romeo
Cortland, Pink Lady
Jazz, Cameo.

Gala and Braeburn
Fuji, Jonagold
Cosmic and Empire
Envy, Gingergold.

Golden Delicious
Granny Smith
Red Delicious
Honey Crisp.

Newton Pippin
Cox's Pippin
Ruby Frost.

Tempting lady
And a looker
Adam wisely
Chose a cooker.
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