Shame on you!

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Shame on you!

Do the well heeled celebs
who advertise betting,
ever pause for a moment
to think, where they're getting

the thousands they make
by encouraging bets?
Do they give any thought
to the man chasing debts,

who can't feed his family,
has nowhere to hide,
who ashamed and disgraced,
commits suicide.


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It is an addiction
That's cost me all this
And that's not an excuse,
it's the way that it is.

I've lost a great house,
The big, fancy car,
You and the kids,
My ma and my Pa.

I've no self respect,
My job's down the drain,
The dogs and the cat,
Our villa in Spain.

Even my friends
Have waved me goodbye,
I'm so lonesome now,
I sit here and cry.

It wasn't the drugs
Or even the booze,
Brought me rock bottom
With nothing to lose.

Nor was it gambling
That lead to divorces,
I don't bet on the footy,
Gaming or horses.

As I hunker me down
In this sleeping bag city,
I curse that sad day
When I wrote my first ditty!

It’s a sign

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It's a sign

Sunday, I wake up with the world's worst headache.
Monday, the headache is even worse. My doctor thinks I may have a tumour!
Tuesday, MRI scan and tests at the hospital.
Wednesday, test results are all negative. Doctors are convinced that stress is the cause.
Thursday, there is a horse running in the 2.30 tomorrow called Stress Headache. It's a sign! Stake a whole months pension on her finishing first.
Friday, Stress Headache finishes a close second to Gambling Fool. I lose the lot.
Saturday, Go out and drown my sorrows.
Sunday, I wake up with the world's worst headache...


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Smokey, the rabbit
Had a cigarette habit,
He'd lie in his hay
Smoking forty a day.

He tried nicotine patches,
Then vegetable patches,
Till he grew some strange seed
And now smokes his own weed.
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