House Hunting

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House Hunting

The advert says a lovely view.
Could you please show me where?
I gladly will, young man if you
Could kindly grab that chair.

That's it, climb up, no not the seat,
The back sir, if you will,
Then carefully please place your feet
One there, one on the sill.

Now close one eye, no, just the one
And squint a bit, like me.
Look out that way, five hundred yards,
You'll almost glimpse the sea.

Daytime TV

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Daytime TV

Cremation ads, funeral ads,
Equity release,
Hands off our money;
Leave us in peace.

Reclining chairs and stairlifts,
You're messing with my head;
As far as admen are concerned
We're simply walking dead.

A Mars a day…

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A Mars a day

The boffins went to Mars
In a Rover, by the way
And there among the stars
They could work and rest and play.
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