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Babies need a room to grow,
And ladies have all got 'em,
Big brother told me - he should know,
They fall, out of your bottom!


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If a baby rook is a rookie,
And a baby duck, a ducky
Then a baby book's a bookie
And a baby chef is a cookie.

A Nappy Event

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A Nappy Event

The woman was pregnant, she reckoned,
When the ultrasound spotted a second,
A third, fourth and fifth,
Then even a sixth,
"Congrats," said the nurse, "You are fecund!"

Monica’s Moniker

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Monica's moniker

This passion for fashion, in naming our babies
Alas, will our lass be a Porsche, Mercedes?
Africa, India, Bangalore, Singapore
Nay, a full football team, if you feel she needs more.
Star, starlight, sun, sunlight, my oh my, even windy
Not you, to make do, with a Barbie or Cindy.
There's no shame in a name, that stands out from the crowd
Say it loud, say it proud, but for crying out loud
Remember the name will be with them forever
You may think it's clever, but don't call her Trevor.

A good night’s sleep

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A good night's sleep

You slept like a baby
So you said, last night
Does that mean, maybe
You've pants, full of shite?


When I questioned my mummy
How I got in her tummy
She said daddy had planted a seed
Well that was a hard 'un
Cos we have no garden
And daddy does nothing but read.
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