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of a need
to understand
our origins.

The product
of vivid imaginations
and stirring storytelling.

Hijacked by kings,
and popes,
and fanatics.

over history and time
indisputable, unquestionable,
definitive, watertight

A belief worthy of
torture, mockery,
killing even.

There is
only one true religion,
one abiding faith.
The rest
are charlatans,

Ask any supporter
of Liverpool F.C.

Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar

In the City of Love, barely six years ago,
Well over a hundred were slain,
But with so many atrocities since,
We needed reminding again.

How many thousands have died,
And how many more are to follow.
The depth of man's hatred of humans
Leaves me bemused, upset, hollow.

Then, lovingly gazing at you,
My heart fills with wonder and pride,
And I instantly know that it's true,
God is great, and on everyone's side.


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Twas on a Tuesday morning
The vicar came to call.
He said, "My child, I've noticed,
You don't go to church, at all."

"Well, the way I see it father,
He must be very busy,
Requests, shout-outs, and favours
Must leave him in a tizzy."

"I've considerately decided,
And it isn't on a whim,
If God himself leaves me alone,
Then I'll not bother Him."

"I'll try to help my neighbour,
And do the best I can,
But religion's not my forte,
I am just a kind old man."

Church attendance

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Church attendance

I don't go to church on Sundays,
I like to think God needs a rest,
I'd ring for a chat sometime, Mondays,
But, don't want him to think I'm a pest.

The inventor’s husband

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The inventor's husband 

Listen, my dear, 
It's a stupid idea. 
If you need a new phone, 
Then you buy one, alone. 
Plus a camera, perhaps, 
for taking some snaps. 

But, combining the two, 
Well, it really won't do. 
The market's all wrong,
 It will never catch on. 
So, he had the last word, 
And her plans went unheard.


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I don't believe in a God
Where we all go to church and we pray
But say one for me and my squad
Insurance does not go astray


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intransigent beliefs
cause of everything
solution to nothing
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