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I'm lying on the sofa
Looking at my toes,
Marveling, how they've kept pace
With how my body grows.

My toes, if they'd been lazy
And taken life with ease,
Why, then the little fellers,
Would stick out of my knees.

My Body

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My Body

I don't like my ears, I hate my nose
My weight, my face, my hair, my tum
My voice, my hands, my knees, my toes
But I quite admire my bum.

The Wreck

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The wreck

Implants for mouth
Aids to help hearing
Feel like a car
Relentlessly nearing
End of its life
Dear to maintain
Cost more and more
Money down drain
Unlike the motor
Can't trade me in
Stuck with this body
Pass me that gin.

Mrs Mopp

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Mrs Mopp
Here lies the body
Of Madeleine Mopp
The sign wasn't 'Give Way'
It was quite clearly 'Stop.'
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