Question everything

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Question everything

My darling child. I wish for you to learn something.
How, mummy?
By listening to someone special.
Who, mummy?
Me, sweetheart, your mother.
Okay mummy, when?
This morning?
Where, mummy?
Right here, right now.
And what are you going to teach me mummy?
That you must learn to question everything.
Everything, mummy, why?
Because, if you want to change things in life, then you must learn to ask questions about everything and anything. It is very important.
Mummy, can I have an ice cream now please?
Why, mummy?

What children need…

What children need...

Snuggles and cuddles
And jumping in puddles,
Chocolate and cheesecake
And noises that bees make,
Laughter and lollies
And jim-jams and jollies,
Christmas and Santa
And juvenile banter,
Loving and laughter
And dads acting dafter,
Old pals, and new friends
And mazes with dead ends,
Starlight and moonshine
And days in the sunshine,
Christmas and parties
And sweet apple tart is,
When push comes to shove,
Our children need love.

My Child

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My Child

My darling child,
as you journey through life,
I wish you love.

Not the destructive love
of wealth and material things,
but the constant love
of family and friends.

Not that selfish love
of my, me, self
but the fulfilling love
of helping others.

As you grow older,
I pray that you will learn to love
truth, honesty, justice, integrity,
health, happiness, freedom and equality.

I wish you
the passionate love
of a lover,
and the faithful love
of a soul mate,
but most of all
love of life.

My child, I love you
and I give you
my parental love,
unceasing and unconditional
until the day I die.

Boy’s toys

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 Boy's toys 

There was a little boy 
And he had a favourite toy, 
Playing with it every day. 
He brummed it on the floor 
Excitedly before 
His mommy took the tortoise away. 

Transient as a train timetable

Transient as a train timetable

Babies have potential
Though don't yet know their fate
And adults are but children
Beyond their best by date.

We look into the future
Yet dwell upon the past
But life is here, right now
And it's not meant to last.

The caring profession

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The caring profession

A woman with problems, Fallopian
Saw a specialist doc, Ethiopian
Eighteen kids later
She sued this creator
For spoiling her life style, Utopian.


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towards our children can be
mistaken for wealth.


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pride, the thing we feel
when our children do something
which we can not do.


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Children talk of
Monsters and Santa
Adults engage in
Cruel banter.

Kids believe
In the Easter bunny
Grown ups worship
The power of money.

Children want
Sweets, hugs and toys
Adults seek
Refuge from noise.

Anything naughty
An adult forbids
What adults want mostly
They want to be kids.

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