The right choice

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The right choice

"Which one is better,
the green, or the blue?"
I find it safer to let her
pick between two.

"Both suit you, sweetheart,
I think you look nice."
As I try to take part,
get a roll of her eyes.

"Perhaps it's the green,"
I timidly say.
"You will look like a queen,
a bloom, a bouquet."

"You don't like the blue,"
she says, shakes her head.
"I suppose this will do,"
and picks up a red.

Are you free?

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Are you free?

Fly free.
Free as a bird.
Following instinct.
Faithfully following forefathers.
or frozen?
Migratory routes
chiselled in time.
or roots?
or chosen?
or frozen?
Fly free.
Feel free.
Be free.
Don't be a bird.


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America's going to choose
Either the reds or the blues
Not much of a test
If these are the best
However they vote, it's a lose.


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My wife has bought me two ties
As part of my birthday surprise
I wore one tonight
"Is the other not right?"
She criticised, rolling her eyes.
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