Hobbo: You know I love you?

Dauphy: Of course! Why?

Hobbo: I was thinking about all the different ways that dogs are better than humans.

Dauphy: Such as?

Hobbo: You don’t have armies, other than food and toys you are not materialistic, your love is unconditional, you never judge me and you never, ever, ever worry about anything.

Dauphy: I worry about lots of things! Food. Toys. You. Cats. Squirrels. The list is endless. The difference is that I worry about the important things. You worry about rubbish stuff like politics, war, terrorism and the environment!

Hobbo: The environment is not rubbish!

Dauphy: It will be if you humans don’t get your act together. Can I pick the last song now?

Hobbo: Go on then.

Hobbo: I love this one Dauphy. Thanks!

Dauphy: That’s it then, until Boxing Day. A very Merry Christmas to all our readers all over the world. Thank you for your support!

Love and best wishes from Hobbo and Dauphy xx

The Birds

Hobbo: I’m just watching the birds in the garden.

Dauphy: And?

Hobbo: Well, everybody has had a rubbish year this year. Even those who haven’t had a personal tragedy have still had to cope with covid. The birds though, they’ve never even heard of covid. 2020 has been the same as any other year for them.

Dauphy: And me! What’s covid?

Hobbo: Never mind. It’s nothing for you to worry about.

Dauphy: Have you chosen the second song?

Hobbo: Yes. This is for anyone who has lost a loved one this year, and everybody else who has had a difficult year. It’s called Lonely this Christmas and it’s by a group called Mud.

Dauphy: Wow, that’s emotional!

Hobbo: You’re crying?

Dauphy: I was thinking of Bella.

Christmas Eve

Hobbo: Christmas Eve today Dauphy!

Dauphy: I know. I’m really excited.

Hobbo: It’s been a funny old year for everyone.

Dauphy: Shall we cheer people up with some Christmas songs?

Hobbo: Great idea. We’ll post three songs, and that’s it then until Boxing Day.

Dauphy: I get a day off on Christmas Day?

Hobbo: Of course!

Dauphy: Can I choose the first song?

Hobbo: Take it away….

Dauphy: What do you think?

Hobbo: Great choice!

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