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Twas on a Tuesday morning
The vicar came to call.
He said, "My child, I've noticed,
You don't go to church, at all."

"Well, the way I see it father,
He must be very busy,
Requests, shout-outs, and favours
Must leave him in a tizzy."

"I've considerately decided,
And it isn't on a whim,
If God himself leaves me alone,
Then I'll not bother Him."

"I'll try to help my neighbour,
And do the best I can,
But religion's not my forte,
I am just a kind old man."

Church attendance

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Church attendance

I don't go to church on Sundays,
I like to think God needs a rest,
I'd ring for a chat sometime, Mondays,
But, don't want him to think I'm a pest.

The Church

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The Church

First appearance, 
One November
Cried a bit
But don't remember.

Second time
A lovely sight
Never seen her
Dressed in white.

Last time there
The incense curled
Couldn't smell it
Dead to the world.

I may be having an interesting discussion with
St. Peter as to whether three times counts as
regular attendance!
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