The Chippy

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The Chippy

Whale is in the chip shop,
Enjoying a tasty cod,
Sees the owner, in his flip-flops,
And gives to him the nod.

Not one to moan,
Not his kind of thing
But he's found a bone
Which he thought he would bring

To the boss's attention.
"That's fine," says the man,
"And, as it's been mentioned,
You may have a free can

Of pop, whilst you're waiting,
We'll cook you a new."
And earns five star rating
On Chippies4You.

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Online reviews

The drill arrived quickly,
Can it bore holes?
You silly old moo!

Roads were too narrow
For buses to pass,
Well, tell the council,
Not the coach firm, you ass!

I was given wrong spoon
For my soup, I profess,
The wrong spoon, for your soup!
You are kidding! F.F.S!
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