The Penitent Prince

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The Penitent Prince

I stand in the loud
Jubilee crowd,
Next to a redhead named Harry,
Whose balcony days
Are over, he says;
Choose wisely the person you marry.


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It's one of my sillier tricks,
Hence the reason I'm getting so pudgy.
Whisky and cider don't mix
And I'm sure that I've swallowed the budgie.

A cocky prisoner

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A cocky prisoner

If you don't have permission,
You face admonition,
Said the judge, when she lectured the thief
Caught after a spree;
She let him go free,
And he laughed in her face with relief.

Called back to the dock,
He got quite a shock,
Hearing manners were never exempt.
Then he burst into tears
When he got seven years,
No remission, sent down for contempt.

The Coward

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The Coward

A timid, nay craven, poltroon
Did nothing to help his platoon
Win the fight, He backpedalled
And instead of a medal
Was handed a big wooden spoon.


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Brief thoughts
cast lifelong shadows.
Small words
leave the deepest scars,
as harmonious birdsong
on sunlit meadows,
kind deeds
calm the brouhaha.

Go for it

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Go for it

Ugg, this is brilliant,
I can throw my attire,
man, you're a genius,
the invention of fire!

Consequences though,
it might harm the earth.
Don't be a div, man
think what this thing's worth.

Now how about this,
I've invented a gun.
But have you considered
repercussions, my son?

This is amazing,
discovering coal
to power the planet
and sell the earth's soul.

Our inventions make billions,
we don't ever rue it,
collateral's for sissies,
go for it, do it!

Green thinking

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Green thinking
The world's overheating,
We'll call a big meeting.
Meet up for a knees-up in Glasgow.
We will have thousands there
And we'll all go by air,
Not too hard on the carbon, heigh-ho.
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