Mrs Hobbo

Hobbo: I’m in the bad books today Dauphy.

Dauphy: Who with?

Hobbo: She who is never wrong.

Dauphy: Mrs Hobbo, what have you done this time?

Hobbo: I didn’t do anything.

Dauphy: Something you said again?

Hobbo: No I didn’t say anything.

Dauphy: So, it can’t be the way that you said it this time?

Hobbo: No, it’s what I was thinking.

Dauphy: Thinking!

Hobbo: That’s what she said.

Dauphy: Dangerous territory, thought police.

Hobbo: I know, and the scary thing is, she was right.

Dauphy: Blimey.

Hobbo: I wish I was a dog sometimes.

Dauphy: Don’t let Mrs Hobbo catch you thinking that, or you will be in trouble.

Hobbo: She already has!

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