The Nurse

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The Nurse 

Her frail body 
clutched at the 
crisp cotton sheets. 
I mopped her brow. 

Her lungs gasped, 
fighting for air. 

Her tiny hand 
squeezed mine 
as I bent down 
to hear what she said. 

Don't let me die, nurse, 
she whispered. 

The ventilator 
was ineffective. 
The drugs 
were not working. 
I gave her all that I had. 
I gave her my love. 
It was not enough.

Locked Down

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Locked Down
On a planet that is unrecognisable
A lock-down is becoming advisable
Some follow the rules
A few act like fools
Whilst for others, the subject's divisible.

What’s Covid?

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What's Covid?
Here lies the body 
Of Caroline Crump
Coronavirus denier
Who listened to Trump.

Coronavirus days

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Coronavirus Days
In happier days
To paraphrase
Folk led a great existence
Now they deep clean
Covid 19
And keep their social distance.


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mental health menace
we're all social animals.


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Invisible killer
Cowardly opponent
You will not beat us.

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