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A new insect is here
They're the hairy ants.
Trained to obliterate

They pull on their boots
like ordinary ants
and Covid 19 gets
a kick up the pants.

The Vaccine

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Listen here Covid 19
We've got a brand new vaccine
You may feel that you've got your charms
But we're having shots in our arms.


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Covid nineteen
Two fingers to you
At last a vaccine 
To protect us, woohoo!

...bring it on baby.

Saucy Corner

I’ve decided to remove Saucy Corner from the site. It wasn’t getting many hits, and more importantly, it didn’t really fit in with what the site is about. In this weird Covid world in which we inhabit, I just want to give you something to lighten your mood, and make you chuckle. You should be able to share those laughs with your kids. Hope it’sthe right decision.

I’ll post a fresh poem later today.


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