End game?

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End game?

Restrictions are lifted,
we can all breathe a sigh
of relief, we've been gifted
a chance to eat pie

in the pub, with no mask,
meet our mates, have a chat.
not a great deal to ask
but I only hope that

we are not premature
when we think we are free
from this virus; no cure
has been found, you'll agree

that we have to take care,
look out for each other,
been a horrible scare,
we don't want another.

Vax fact

Photo by Pranidchakan Boonrom on Pexels.com
Vax fact

Your reasons, excuses
To dodge the vaccine
Are so bloody selfish;
Take one for the team!
Whatever you think
About personal rights
Our world deserves more
Than a few blatherskites.

Blatherskite:  A person who talks at great length without making sense.

A tad excited

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A tad excited

My youngest son in Australia
Unseen for over three years
Is over here in Lancashire.
What can I say;
I am more excited than
An excited, excitable thing
On Excitement day.
So, Up Yours Covid!

Getting through

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
Getting through

Bumbling politicians, specious statisticians,
Trying to make predictions and imposing their restrictions.
In and out of lock-down, a manic Hokey-Cokey,
A deadly It's-a-Knockout, will end up with us choking.
Each new wave increases, the death toll marches higher,
Keen, the race for vaccine, now spleen, virus deniers.

Health care staff are swamped, bosses deaf, not hearing,
PPE, not free you see, a chance for profiteering.
Families rent asunder, loved ones isolated,
Unnecessary blunders leave us all frustrated.
In all this sadness, madness, this muchness of a muchness,
Humanity, kindness will prevail, our basic human goodness.


Photo by Hasan Albari on Pexels.com

Keeping tabs on the jabs
from the labs, in my flab,
though not fab, I don't blab,
prefer stabs to a slab.

A government announcement

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A government announcement

This virus has long overrun,
So, we are limiting weddings to one,
It may prove an unpopular course,
But will also cut down on divorce.

Olympics 2021

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Olympics 2021

The effect will be a domino,
There is a need for status quo
The thing is fait comme il faut
Postpone it, please do Tokyo.

fait comme il faut:  do what is necessary.

Bloody Covid!

Photo by Hugo Heimendinger on Pexels.com
Bloody Covid!

Planned April twenty twenty-one
Australia to see my son.
Fortieth birthday, surprise treat,
Not aware, so act discreet.
Two years in, Covid's not done,
Postpone to Christmas twenty-one.
Aussies keep their borders shut,
Situation, now clear cut.
Staying closed till twenty-two
Christmas next will have to do!

A small, small world, we used to say,
But suddenly, he's far away.
I'll have to wait for that big hug,
A victim of that wretched bug.
At least we're here, so can't complain
A lot won't see loved ones again.
Those who come through live and kicking
Be thankful that your clock's still ticking.
Next time you, your loved ones see
Give them an extra hug, from me.

Careful what you wish for

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com
Be careful what you wish for

Brexit hogs the headlines
Brexit every day
Brexit with it's deadlines
Please make it go away.

Covid's killed so many
Randomly it slew
What I'd give for any
Piece of Brexit news.

Our cunning plan

Photo by Pranidchakan Boonrom on Pexels.com
Our cunning plan

No procrastination!
Even if you disagree
Please get your vaccination
For we have no great 'plan B'.
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