Dog’s dinner

Dog's dinner

I recommend the Dahlias
as tasting rather nice,
though as for the azaleas,
I wouldn't eat them twice.

Upside Down

Upside Down
Now that I know how to get photos from my phone onto the laptop, I thought I'd re-post this from yesterday with a more appropriate photo.
In response to a request from John Malone

I love the world inverted
Especially in the pubs,
Where I've got men converted
To give me tummy-rubs.

Upside Down

Upside Down
In response to a request from John Malone

I love the world inverted
Especially in the pubs,
Where I've got men converted
To give me tummy-rubs.


Dauphy: Good morning!

Hobbo: Morning Dauphy, you’ve not been on for a while.

Dauphy: No, I am going into semi-retirement.

Hobbo: Very wise at your age. The readers will miss you though.

Dauphy: I’ve written another for our blog.

Hobbo: Let’s hear it then….

 Sacked  (by Dauphy)

She asked her dog to give her paws, 
He passed her the remote, 
"You fool," she said,"I don't mean pause, 
Get out, go get your coat." 

Pet Choice

Dauphy: Lovely day Hobbo.

Hobbo: Indeed it is, beautiful.

Dauphy: Have you had your jabs yet?

Hobbo: Yes, both of them.

Dauphy: Do I need vaccinating?

Hobbo: Well yes, every year, but not against covid.

Dauphy: Why not?

Hobbo: Don’t worry, dogs can’t catch it. I’ve written a poem I think you will like this morning.

Dauphy: I like most of them…

Pet Choice

When children are yearning a pet,
Choose with care, or you'll live to regret.
Fishes, you don't need to walk,
Parrots of course, love to talk.
If your neighbour continually rants,
Buy a tom cat to crap on his plants.

Instead of a horse, get a donkey,
And claim it's a pony, but wonky.
All rodents, like rats, come in cheap
But beavers are buggers to keep.
Consider a fluffy white rabbit,
Though they eat their own shit, dirty habit.

Elephants, I don't recommend,
The things that they touch, tend to bend.
Monkeys are good for a laugh,
Or, not scared of heights, a giraffe.
Not much room, try a budgie, or frog
But the best pet by miles is a dog.

We’re Back!

Dauphy: Good to be back home?

Hobbo: Great to be back. A smashing holiday though!

Dauphy: I really enjoyed it. De-stressed my paws.

Hobbo: Ready to get cracking with some new poems then?

Dauphy: Yeah, go for it…


Hobbo: After today, there won’t be any posts for a week or so.

Dauphy: Why not?

Hobbo: We are going on holiday.

Dauphy: Can I come?

Hobbo: Of course, you always do!

Dauphy: Not always. You left me with a dog sitter once, remember?

Hobbo: I do. You disgraced yourself with that dalmatian!

Dauphy: It was love at first sniff…


Dauphy: You’re late today buddy!

Hobbo: Been to the hospital.

Dauphy: Nothing serious?

Hobbo: No, not at all. It’s just that tremor in my hands, they’re trying to improve it.

Dauphy: That’s good. Get on with it then. Your readers are waiting!…..

Dauphy writes…

Dauphy writes... 

The dog who ignores 
Having paws, without cause, 
Will get sores on his paws, 
Unless he has claws.

Dauphy’s Scentmark Verse

Dauphy: I’ve written a Scentmark verse for Chelsea Owens.

Hobbo: It was Hallmark Dauphy, not Scentmark.

Dauphy: She won’t mind! Will you ask her for me?

Hobbo: I will…

Dauphy's Scentmark Verse

You are my
eagle in a Beagle
the noir in Malinois
my pug on a rug
the wow in a Chihuahua
the asset in a Basset
the bits in a Spitz
the box in a Boxer
and the no in a Norwich.

You are my whip in a Whippet
the sky in Husky
the oodle in a poodle
the salut in Saluki
the span of a Spaniel
the malt in a Maltese
far greater
than a Dane.

You are
the order in my Border
neater than an Akita
or the box in a Boxer
you are my Labrador
the one that I adore.
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