Fortune telling

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Fortune telling

My future must be very small
to fit inside a crystal ball;
our lives are over in a flash,
a quick one-two and then, we're ash.

Where did that go?

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Where did that go?

Life is so fugacious,
We should be more sagacious
And live a life, vivacious
With appetite, voracious.

Avoid all things vexatious,
And characters pugnacious,
Look for the efficacious
And strive for all things spacious.

No matter how tenacious,
We're all from dust, crustaceous;
Destined for beds, herbaceous
Our ashes spread, good gracious!

The Big Sleep

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The Big Sleep

You can't buy your way out.
Fame doesn't help.
Luck will not escape it.
You can not reason with it.

Religion won't save you
and kindness is treated
with the same disregard
as wickedness.

When it's your turn,
all you can do
is surrender yourself
to its secret.

The List

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The List

The electric bill,
the gas one too,
to auntie Sue.
That washing up,
the dirty car,
a shopping list
for local Spar.
A boring book,
my ragged lawn,
replacement of
my clothes, well worn.
Unfinished work,
the onerous task,
no need to do, 
I've dropped the mask.
I'm going to die
soon, turn to mist
and this lot's on
my 'fuck it' list!

Death by human

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Death by human

Singly it's a homicide, a murder,
get you sent to purdah.  On mass,
massacre, butchery,
ethnic cleansing, genocide, inflicted
on oneself, then suicide.

State sponsored,
liquidation, assassination, legally
backed, then execution. Indisputably,
no gainsaying,
whatever way you look
at it, it's slaying.

I would rather…

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I would rather...

I would rather
forget about the virus,
pretend that it doesn't exist.
I would rather
people were equal
and treated each other with respect.
I would rather
we could survive
without material things.
I would rather
were the only thing that mattered,
and I would rather,
much rather
that you were still alive.

But none of this
is possible,
so, I will bubble along
inside my bubble
until finally,
it bursts.

R.I.P Joe

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R.I.P Joe

Here, the remains of bungalow Joe,
Cop signalled stop, Joe thought she meant, no,
Which, when you are driving a forty-ton truck,
On a freeway, in rush hour, is more than bad luck.

Death of a bee

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Death of a bee

The miniature tiger
lay perfectly still,
frosted wings motionless,
quite clearly ill.
We all have to die
but I still had to try.
I laid the poor creature
on the old water feature,
hoping that drinking
would stop her from sinking,
but this beautiful thing,
the size of my thumb
nail, breathed her last breath
and sadly succumbed.

The Hospice

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The Hospice

"Where is your neighbour?"
"Passed away, in the night."
"Bloody hell, that is awful!"
"Why, I'm alright."

"I got his sausage,
pinched from his plate."
"Sweet Jesus, dad,
he was your mate!"

"It was no use to him,
so why shouldn't I?"
Defiant, the look
left me wondering why

does it boil down to this?
We steal from the dead,
wait till they're gone
so that we can be fed.

Then it occurred,
that really he cared,
his bedside bravado,
meant he was scared.

The following morning,
my father had passed.
Who'd got his sausage,
I reflected, downcast.

Not my turn

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Not my turn

A hearse went passed me today,
Luckily, I wasn't in it,
Though, as I have one on the way,
I did stop and check, for a minute.
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