The Skull

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The Skull

Buried beneath
centuries of secrets.
upon compressed layer
of mystery
and intrigue.

to make way
for a car park.
with more reverence
than ever
you commanded
in this life.

Forensically examined.
A large gash
almost cleaved you
in two.
A violent death.
For what cause?
For what lover?

Does the passage
of time
your departure?
Make it
less bloody,
less painful,
less wrong?


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The king is dead, long live the king
So those heraldic angels sing.
Here lies he, in princely state,
Mortal man, to whom his fate,
Death that leveler of us all,
Cares not for goods, for wherewithal.

No difference makes, for rank, or status.
Keeps for each, this forced hiatus.
What use now those jewels, that wealth?
Lost is that youth, that life, that health.
Our time is precious, borrowed must
Be handed over. We to dust.

This is not a rehearsal

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This is not a rehearsal

The grazing cow, the harvest mouse
Fear not, the blood red slaughterhouse.
When first a dog looks on your face
She looks for love, not creed or race.

The giant crab or basking skate
They worry not about their fate.
Foresight, it's the curse of man
To know that there's no master plan.

This fear of life, to us unique
Curtails our dreams and makes us weak.
Ephemeral as our beans on toast
Shed those shackles, lay that ghost.

Dream catcher

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we live in a unique dream
and will wake up
on our glorious death.

The Widow

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The Widow
when you promised
till death us do part
I never thought
it would happen.

Rest in Peace

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Rest in Peace
Here lies the body
Of Benjamin Doyle
Whose nurse got mixed up
When they said prick his boil.



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from the minute we are born
we begin to die
there's a cheery thought


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Eternal dark, eternal light
No one can be certain
If our eternal soul takes flight
When life, closes it's curtain.
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