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If we were all vegan, 
We could furlough the cows. 
We wouldn't eat bacon, 
And could re-deploy sows. 

We could re-train the lambs, 
Put the sheep on the dole. 
And as for the sausage, 
He would have a new role.

Supersize Me

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Supersize me

A carnivorous restaurant founder
Invented the meat seven pounder
With mayonnaise spread
Twixt two loaves of bread
Small wonder his belly got rounder.

The Best Diet Ever

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Following my post yesterday about the French revolution, there was huge public interest in my guillotine diet. So, in the spirit of educating both of you, here it is again, explained in greater detail.


The best diet ever

Revolutionary guillotine diet
One hundred percent verify it
Is sure to delight
Will cut appetite
Cause instant weight loss
With no need to floss
A rip off, it ain't
Not a single complaint.

The ‘E’ Plan Diet

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The 'E' Plan Diet

This elephant's fat, can't deny it
Poor Nellie is put on a diet
She drops two tons in weight
Though they still fill her plate
But boil all her food, and don't fry it.

The New Year’s resolution

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A New Year's Resolution

Ecological, his resolution
Eliminate foul air pollution
He stopped eating beans
Cabbage or greens
An effective, but small, contribution.
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