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Though he followed his diet with rigour,
His backside grew bigger and bigger.
Whatever he ate
He gained enough weight
To fill a whole ballpark with figure.


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If I didn't eat dinner,
I might end up thinner,
What sort of a life would that be
- I'll have breakfast, brunch,
dinner, supper and lunch
and maybe just toast for my tea.

The foxy huntsman

Photo by Aliaksandr Shyliayeu on Pexels.com
The foxy huntsman 

A foxhunting jockey 
Was getting too stocky, 
He needed to shed a few pounds. 
In a move which was shrewd, 
He switched to dog food, 
And now, he keeps up with his hounds.

Dauphy: I hope you are not condoning foxhunting, Hobbo.

Hobbo: Absolutely not Dauphy. You know what a soft spot I have for animals.

Dauphy: Pleased to hear it!

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