The gay political candidate

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The gay political candidate

Tha' mun as well come out o' closet
Tha's gay lad, an' ivv'ry one nozzit
Our polling denotes
Tha' mun get more votes
Tha' mun even keep thee deposit.

You may as well stop hiding the fact
that you are gay, because everyone knows it.
We have done some polling which indicates
It might increase your chances of winning
And you could even get to keep your deposit.

Note: In the UK, political candidates pay a deposit which is 
returned to them if they get a certain percentage of
the votes.


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Trump and his admin divisive
Though beaten by margins decisive
Claim's Biden's a fraud
But the news from abroad
Is the watching world thinks this derisive.


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America's going to choose
Either the reds or the blues
Not much of a test
If these are the best
However they vote, it's a lose.

The Election

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The election
The language is incomprehensible
His rhetoric largely dispensable
Some of his views indefensible
Why can't this man say something sensible?
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