Fashion Victim

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Fashion Victim

Little Miss Fashion, 
Flaunts her life's passion, 
Designs some ridiculous clothes. 
Her lines can't complete, 
When her pleats overheat, 
Igniting, and then decompose 

Joseph’s Coat

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Joseph's Coat

Joseph's gran knit him, a coat,
Multi-coloured, fancy stitches,
And though the colours get his vote,
He will not wear it, as it itches.

Comfort for food

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Comfort for food

They are not the height of passion
And they do bot all for passion
But elasticated pants
Are great for restaurants.

Fashion Victims

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Fashion Victims

Designer jeans,
what a farce.
All those holes,
you look an idiot.

Pumped up lips,
look at that.
Sorry love,
you look a twerp.

Baseball cap
worn back to front.
you look a clown.

Height of fashion,
latest look.
Do I really,
give a fig.

Smart, casual

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Smart, casual 

She put the kettle on, 
She should have worn a dress.
 The look was, well, all wrong, 
A steaming, boiling mess.
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