Fishy Antics

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Fishy Antics

Catfish kittens
Knit some mittens,
To keep fish fingers cosy,
Whilst giddy kippers
Purchased slippers,
And kept their flat feet toasty.

Flying Fish

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Flying Fish

There's a new craze in town,
To play when you're down.
WetBet is the race,
And I got third plaice.

Fashionable fish

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Fashionable fish

Winnie whale and Sid sprat
Had a nice little chat
He put her hair into plaits
Hairy fish, fancy that!


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Hobbo: I’ve got a story for you this morning.

Dauphy: Not too long I hope, I’m due for a snooze.

Hobbo: Six words again. Remember, we only do six word stories.

Dauphy: Then I can have my snooze?

Hobbo: Yep.

Dauphy: Go for it!


Fish in tank shoots killer whale.

Dauphy: Poor whale, that fish must be a warmonger.

Hobbo: No. It’s a fishmonger!

Dauphy: Can I have that snooze now?

A fishy tail

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A fishy tail

Angler lands dream job. Wakes up.


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Three fish found dead
Copper notes in his diary
Scratches his head
Orders full scale enquiry.

Fish and Chips

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Fish and Chips
fish chips and mushy peas
sorted out my life
like you would not believe.
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