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The world
is critically ill.

Her lungs choked
by noxious gases.

Her arteries clogged
with plastic waste.

Her liver poisoned
by toxic chemicals.

Her skin scorched
with bush-fires.

Her brain overheated
by global warming.

Her respiratory system drowning
in rising sea levels.

And her heart broken
by decades of neglect.

We need to listen
to the specialists
and take our medicine
however bitter, or expensive
before critical
becomes terminal.


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Mother Earth

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Mother Earth

Stripped, scorched, choked, abused
Peeled, poisoned, pillaged, plundered
Murdered by degrees.

Ten Green (Plastic) Bottles

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Ten Green (Plastic) Bottles

Ten world leaders, declaring nothing's wrong.
Nine politicians, stringing us along.

Eight rare species, erased from planet blue.
Seven rain forests, flattened in a coup.

Six choking billions, breathing toxic waste.
Five is the virus, which can not be erased.

Four seas of plastic,poisoning our fish.
Three million skeptics, living on a wish.

Two sole survivors, clinging to a tree.
One final chance now, got no planet B.

And this time tomorrow?

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And this time tomorrow?

We are the infantile guardians
of a four billion year old lady
and how do we respond
to that heavy burden?
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We wage war
over her body parts,
fighting for exclusive rights
to this limb, or that torso.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We steal
her most valuable possessions
with no thought
to replace them.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We exterminate
anything lower on the food chain
to the point of
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We pollute
her arteries and internal organs
with plastic
and industrial waste.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We suffocate her,
filling the air
that she breathes
with noxious gases.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We talk
whilst she weeps
at the abuse
she has suffered.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

What will change tomorrow?
Tout ou rien?
demain, à cette heure-ci?

Tout ou rien:  All or nothing
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?:  And this time tomorrow?

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