The first tee

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The First Tee

The stress is shocking,
and knees are knocking.
My hands are shaking,
I'm sure of making
a mess of this shot.
I most certainly am not
a young Tiger Woods
who delivers the goods
with astonishing grace.
So, in my own space,
I draw back my swing,
bring my arms down and bring
the club head to the ball
and give it my all.
A satisfying crack,
as I hit with a whack.
Bloody Hell, it's gone miles!
and I am all smiles,
arms aloft, silent cheer,
expecting to hear
from the clubhouse,'You're cooking.'
sadly, no one was looking!

A frustrating game

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A frustrating game

What a round of golf today,
Like Ballesteros in his day.
Next time out, a different story,
Harry Hookit in his glory.

The Golfer

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The Golfer

His one handicap is his stutter
He can drive hundred yards with a putter
Fairway or rough
If the going gets tough
Golf is his bread and ber butter.

Growing old gracefully

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Growing old gracefully

Two elderly men playing golf
In the snow, in the midst of December
"Did you see where my tee shot went mate?"
"I did, but I can not remember."

The Golfer

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The golfer

He failed to make the golfing cut
When the judges raised the bar
Then mum fell in the water-butt
So he lost both Ma and Par.
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