Hair, Hair

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Hair, Hair

I used to have hair on my head,
Now I'm old, I'm as bald as a coot.
It sprouts from my nostrils instead
So, only my nose is hirsute.

Bath time darling!

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Bath time darling!

She bathed in surroundings luxurious
Not knowing the label was spurious
Bubble bath, it was not
It wrinkled the lot
Nails, skin and hair, she was furious.


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One girl's hair is wavy
Which fashion don't permit
Hair straighteners, the answer
They cost her quite a bit.

The sister's though is ramrod straight
But she wants wavy hair
So she wraps it all in rollers
tell me, where's the logic there?


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I snipped a hair from out my ear
A full three inches long
From where on earth did that appear
I'm getting like King Kong.


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My hair
Thrives everywhere
In my ears
Up my nose
Trim it off
Back it grows
Bushy eyebrows
Very scary
Why am I
So blooming hairy?

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