Being Me

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Being me

I like being me,
Cos I'm bonkers you see.
Don't need to act serious,
Sage or imperious,
Can say what I like
(Except to my wife),
With Dauphy converse,
More often in verse,
Wear my greying hair long,
Or burst into song
About rabbits and chillies
Or cats with big willies.
Arrogant men
Feel the wrath of my pen,
As do women who use
Their beauty for news.
But I do what I like,
Catch fish on my bike,
Eat porridge for supper
And moan about upper
Classes that use us,
Cheat and abuse us,
Think they know better
Than my Irish Setter
Who loves who I am,
Not the King of Siam,
Just Hobbo the poet,
And he don't even know it.
So for my epilogue,
'This man loved his dog'
Is all that I ask,
(And perhaps a hip flask).


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a state of mind
on nothing
a state of mind.


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My wife wants me to leave
Pack my bags, wants shot
Wished misery on me, so
Dilemma, do I go or not?


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happiness, depression
simply states of mind
but what a difference.
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