Doing a Hobbo!

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Doing a Hobbo!

Doing a Hobbo,
what does it mean?
The expression implies
that your brain is not keen
enough to come up with
a quick, witty remark,
needs time to reflect
before making its mark.

Requires contemplation,
reflection, some thought,
then with a deft flick,
the ball's in your court.
A short, pithy poem,
initially funny,
it quickly transpires
is bang on the money.
That's doing a Hobbo,
it is happy, not triste,
then, just as you're chuckling,
you are caught by the twist.

V Day

Dauphy: Valentine’s day tomorrow. Have you got me anything?

Hobbo: You know what I think about Valentine’s Day, so no!

Dauphy: Well, I’ve written you a poem.

Hobbo: That’s really sweet of you.

Dauphy: So, you might see your way to some extra treats?

Hobbo: I don’t see why not. I’ve written a sonnet for tomorrow.

Dauphy: For Mrs Hobbo?

Hobbo: Of course.

Dauphy: Hecky thump!

Hobbo: What do you mean?

Dauphy: Don’t you remember what she thought of your last effort at romance?

Hobbo: No.

Dauphy: Well…

Altered Images

Dauphy: I like the new layout.

Hobbo: It’s okay to a point.

Dauphy: What’s up.

Hobbo: I like the new colour scheme, but I was hoping that I could swap the paintings on the home page for dog photos.

Dauphy: But you don’t know how to do that. Do you?

Hobbo: Not a scooby!

Dauphy: You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Hobbo: Too late now…

Tykes Talking

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Tykes Talking

Gerrit canyer?
Sin tin.
Tin tin tin.
Tis, sithee.
Clart he'ud!

Dauphy: What the heck is this?

Hobbo: It’s two Tykes talking.

Dauphy: Tykes?

Hobbo: Yorkshiremen or women.

Dauphy: In what language? Martian?

Hobbo: English!

Dauphy: Well it’s not any English I know!

Hobbo: It’s Yorkshire dialect. Do you want a translation?

Dauphy: I think you’d better. If I don’t understand it, the readers won’t have a Scooby Doo!

Hobbo: You’d be surprised.

Dauphy: Pfft!

Yorkshiremen Talking

Would you kindly get that for me, young man?
Where is it?
It is in the tin. (usually a biscuit tin)
It is not.
It is.
It is not in the tin.
It is. I assure you!
And I assure you, it isn't!
It is. Look it's here.
Ah. Right. I see where you mean now.
Cloth head! (stupid idiot!)

500 posts

Hobbo: We’ve reached 500 posts Dauphy!

Dauphy: Blimey!

Hobbo: That’s a lot of writing.

Dauphy: It’s a lot of piddling!

Hobbo: Not lampposts, we’ve posted 500 posts on the blog mate.

Dauphy: Honestly?

Hobbo: Scouts honour. 500 posts since we started last September!

Dauphy: Pretty good. No wonder I’m tired. Can I….?

Hobbo: Course you can. Here’s a bonio. Off you go for a snooze.

Dauphy: Can we say thank you first?

Hobbo: Good idea!

Hobbo and Dauphy: A big thank you to all our readers. We both look forward to many more readers and a lot more posts.

Let’s twist again

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Hobbo: This one started life as a six word story, but once I started playing around with the words, I couldn’t resist turning it into a tricky tongue twister.

Dauphy: Tricky for me anyway!

Let's twist again

surly Shirley's
sorely sorry
smelly Shelly's
Sunday sherries
simply soured!

Affects less than 1 in 100

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Affects less than 1 in 100

Eye pain or rainbow vision!
Intermittent, blurring vision!

Yellow eyes or yellow skin!
Constipation! Vomiting!

Drowsiness and sleepiness!
Dizzyness or shakiness!

Trouble with my flexion!
Problems with erection!

Weight loss! Weight gain!
Blocked nose and bladder pain!

Difficulties sleeping!
Changes in my speaking!

Hair loss! Milk loss!
Telling folk to get lost!

Tinnitus! Convulsions!
Rashes or confusion!

Numbness! Tingling!
Fear of social mingling!

Sensitive to sunlight!
Wet bed! Is that right?

Such a wide variety
Has brought on my anxiety!

Prescribed me by my doc
These pills leave me in shock!

Dauphy: Victor Meldrew would have loved this one!

Hobbo: I know. Look at all these possible side effects. It’s ridiculous!

Dauphy: But it says, may affect 1 in 100, and you are one in a million!

Hobbo: Aww, thanks Dauphy, so are you! Have a biscuit.

Dauphy: Don’t mind if I do…

Dauphy saves the day!

This is in response to a couple of requests. One was from Chelsea in the US of A, for more tall tales, and the other from Ingrid in Slovenia, for more Yorkshire stuff. Hope you enjoy it. We are more than happy to do other requests!

Dauphy saves the day!

Our Queen, is a popular lady
Who lives, in a glamorous 'ouse
But, before she become rich an' famous
Poor girl were as shy as a mouse.

Mam sent 'er to stay up in Yorksher
Where there's loads of sound people to meet
And English is spoke like it should be
So, 'princess could learn to talk reet.

Tha' might think, am pulling tha' leg like
But am telling thee, this as a fact
Yes, I know now, she gen'lly talks posh
For the public, but that's all an act.

Moving on now, she's stuck in t'old palace
Locked down, at Buck House, in tier ten
The jigsaws had got a tad tedious
And they'd run out of bog roll,again.

So, 'butler were sent for provisions
T'instructions, precise and specific
Get 'soft stuff, not crappy old Izal
What slides round yer bum, it's horrific.

This, being the middle of Winter
T'old butler pulled on 'is warm wellies
And as he were passing 'er windder
She shouted out, get me some smellies.

It were at the main gate he 'it 'problem
The lock were froze solid, wun't shift
Butler scratched 'ead, stood there ditherin'
Cos he new Liz'd give 'im short shrift.

Luckily, passing that day
Were Hobbo and Dauphy, out walking
'Ow can I 'elp thee, asked Dauphy
'Pon my life! Is that Yorksher yer talkin'?

I can't budge yon gate, moaned the butler
'Lock on it's solid, it's froze
I've got an idea said Dauphy
Which I'll tell thee, in rhyme not in prose.

See, as look for some grass around 'ere pal
Well, a' mun as well search for a ghost
And the council are such flippin' cheapskates
That I've given up 'ope of a post.

Consequently, I am a bustin'
And it's too short to tie in a knot
If I pee on yon lock, I've a notion
Our problems are solved, like as not.

'Butler took up the suggestion
So that man and beast both had relief
'Servant went off, and did 'shopping
Brought pies back, two pork and one beef.

'Course the Queen, she were ovver the moon
She'd 'ad to be wipin' wi' Times
'Mail might 'ave been more appropriate
But 'Queen wiped wi' this, cos it rhymes.

Hobbo love, this dog's an 'ero
That Dauphy's looked after us right
Next time it's me birthday, I'll dub thee
In other words,make thee a knight.

Dauphy...Canine British Empire
E'en corgis don't get C.B.E
Dauphy, a little ungrateful
Says, Queen love, it's near time for tea.

So everyone 'ad a reet slap up
Dauphy 'ad well earned 'is snooze
'Butler cracked gin bottle open
Sir Hobbo and 'Queen went on 'booze.

reet; right
tha'; you, your
Izal; a shiny brand of toilet paper
windder; window
wun't; wouldn't
smellies; perfumed products
a' mun:  I might


Dauphy: Another post! It’s tea time!

Hobbo: This is just a quickie! There is a new page on our site which lists all the winners of a HOBBO award. It has links on it which take you straight to their awesome blogs. Please check it out by clicking on HOBBO WINNERS in the menu at the top right of our home page.

Dauphy: Great idea!

Hobbo: It was your idea!

Dauphy: I know. Can I have my tea now?

Dauphy’s Poetry Masterclass

Dauphy: That stuff we write…

Hobbo: What about it?

Dauphy: We don’t always follow the rules, do we?

Hobbo: It doesn’t matter. As long as we are making people laugh.

Dauphy: I was hoping you’d say that.

Hobbo: Why?

Dauphy: I’ve written another.

Hobbo: Let’s hear it then.

Dauphy: You’ll type it up?

Hobbo: Don’t I always?…

Poetry Masterclass (by Dauphy)

I don't give a Nelly 
for a villanelle
or a bonnet
for a fourteen line sonnet.
I'd rather watch bonanza
than struggle with a stanza.
A soliloquy
seems silly to me.
My nemesis
could be mimesis.
If I have a cold
then I might say ode.
I'd never take a stance
on dissonance or assonance.
When I do meet up with Koo
I'll say howdy, not haiku.
I wouldn't give a meg
about a mixed up meter.
You can't lick a lyric
for good alliteration
and a well penned limerick
can bring joy to a nation.
So, epic or ballad
stick those syllabic rules.
Me and  my mate Hobbo
are merely comic fools.

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