The Collage

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The Collage

Monochrome memories
cocooned in the gloom
of yesterday's shoebox.
Undusted heirloom.

Scissors and sellotape
replace solitaire;
glueing and giggles of
a carer who cares.

Lives in a gilded frame
for friends to enjoy;
souls liberated.
Teardrops of joy.

Bungalow Joe

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Bungalow Joe

They call him Bungalow Joe
Because he has nothing upstairs
But people around do not know
And often are caught unawares

By the guy who they classify zero
On account of his leisurely mind,
Who, nevertheless is a hero
Because he's both thoughtful and kind.


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Brief thoughts
cast lifelong shadows.
Small words
leave the deepest scars,
as harmonious birdsong
on sunlit meadows,
kind deeds
calm the brouhaha.

Treating people properly

Dauphy: Did you see that old guy on the telly last night.

Hobbo: No, I missed that.

Dauphy: A hundred and three he was. How much is that in dog years?

Hobbo: About fifteen I suppose.

Dauphy: Wow. Anyway he didn’t look it, and he was saying how much kinder people have been since he reached a hundred.

Hobbo: That’s because most folks respect old people.

Dauphy: But why can’t they be kind all the time, like dogs.

Hobbo: Now that Dauphy, is a very good question…

Treating People Properly

The chap was over a hundred
Found that people were kind all the time.
It should've been sooner he wondered,
Now that, is a nice paradigm.
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