One for the family album

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One for the family album
I developed a rash,
It is blotchy and brash.
Sore to the touch and it tingles,
At the back of my loins
Quite near to my groin,
Online NHS think it's shingles.

Next a video call
With a doc who wants all,
Can you film it and show me, says she.
Round the back, I can't reach
Wife steps into the breach,
Drop 'em blossom, she chuckles with glee.

But, shingles it's not
And all that I've got
Is a type of infection from Hell.
As I slap on the cream
You may well hear me scream,
And the sound of wife giggling as well.

NHS National health Service, UK

The power of positivity

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 The power of positivity

Don't look so glum, chum.
Turn up the dial, smile.
Give us a grin, Lynne.
Let go that smirk, Kirk.
It's okay to crow, Joe.
How 'bout a cheer, dear?
Go for that laugh, Araf.
Love that snigger, tigger.

Throw me a chuckle, Huckle.
Share your top titter, Twitter.
Let's hear the guffaw, Thor.
Enjoy a good giggle, Piggle.
Don't be so fickle, tickle.
Show that you're mortal, chortle.
Don't get depressed, Tess.
Life is for fun, hon.
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