A tad excited

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A tad excited

My youngest son in Australia
Unseen for over three years
Is over here in Lancashire.
What can I say;
I am more excited than
An excited, excitable thing
On Excitement day.
So, Up Yours Covid!

The Big Sleep

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The Big Sleep

You can't buy your way out.
Fame doesn't help.
Luck will not escape it.
You can not reason with it.

Religion won't save you
and kindness is treated
with the same disregard
as wickedness.

When it's your turn,
all you can do
is surrender yourself
to its secret.

The List

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The List

The electric bill,
the gas one too,
to auntie Sue.
That washing up,
the dirty car,
a shopping list
for local Spar.
A boring book,
my ragged lawn,
replacement of
my clothes, well worn.
Unfinished work,
the onerous task,
no need to do, 
I've dropped the mask.
I'm going to die
soon, turn to mist
and this lot's on
my 'fuck it' list!


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I miss you so much,
everywhere I turn
are constant reminders;

The sweet scented rose;
how prickly you could be.
The hourglass vase;
how fragile you were.

The delicate flowers;
the attention you needed.
The changeable weather;
your capricious moods.

The twinkling stars;
your ability to lie.
And the dog's soulful eyes;
the shit that you sold me.

But I still miss you.

Seasons of life

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Seasons of life

It’s fashion, it’s passion,
it’s sporting, it’s courting,
it’s all about falling in love.
It’s sowing, it’s growing
and yearning and learning
what it means to walk loved hand in glove.

It’s exploring, deploring,
it’s hoping and coping,
it’s having some muscles to flex.
It’s exciting, inviting,
it’s all new and all you,
the very invention of sex.

It’s working, some shirking,
ambition, fruition,
a bit, to be honest, yes guv.
It’s slippage, it’s marriage,
it’s squadrons of children,
it’s learning the meaning of love.

It’s romantic and frantic,
energetic and hectic,
the busiest time of our life.
It’s stations, vacations,
promotion, devotion
and knowing you’ve found the right wife.

It’s grown kids and grandkids,
retirements and virements,
a warm, fluffy socks kind of love.
It’s possessions, impressions,
it’s cynical, clinical,
the need for a bit of a shove.

It’s grilling, it’s chilling,
it’s box sets and twin sets,
a chance for the world to slow down.
It is cocoa and go-slow,
it’s white hair, -where? -right there,
a stroll down the quiet side of town.

It’s aching and shaking,
it’s fresh ills and more pills,
above all a chance for reflection.
It’s objective perspective,
it’s welcome and wisdom,
a counting of blessings collection.

It is Lord Above love,
it is last minute faith,
thanks given for each shallow breath.
It’s tearful and cheerful,
it’s goodbyes and don’t cries,
Then finally, my friend, it is death.

Getting there

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Getting there

We live our lives
to get
to the best bits
and when the highlights
are behind us,
that's when
we realise
that there is
rewind button.

we still
the best we can do
is hit
the pause button
take a breath.

Passing Places

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Passing places

Our whole lives
are spent
and opportunities
we have already 
but didn't
when we
were younger
versions of ourselves.

The science teacher

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The science teacher

Though angle, she reasoned,
Gave birth to the seasons,
The distance is vital as well,
A tad more remote, 
We would need thicker coats,
Much closer, we'd all burn in Hell.


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Skittles and beer,
Sunshine and cheer,
For most people struggling through,
Life's hard work and muck
With a bit of good luck
And mebez a chuckle or two.


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The telly died first,
Champions League,
Liverpool v Athletico.
A dark shadow spread
over the pitch,
obsolescence built in,
an electrical cancer,
aggresive and terminal.
Quickly sorted though,
online bargain,
free delivery too.

Then the boiler,
no power.
That, a smidgeon more difficult.
Phone line
suggested going online,
Mr W.W.Web was not available.
Finally made contact
with a human being,
or a recording of one, to be accurate.
Appointment made,
any time between 6am and 11pm!
Brilliant, job done.

Unable to sleep.
Worry of engineer's visit.
Check watch, 1.45am
again, the same as last time
I shook it. Watch is broken.
Should have got that second hand Rolex
I couldn't afford.
Ah well. That's three.
At least it's not me.
Not this time anyway.
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