A chat with my maker

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A chat with my maker

I hate my nose, God,
It's way, way too big,
And my pale pink skin
Makes me look like a pig.

You need a large nose
To hold up your glasses.
Would you rather you had
A skin like molasses?

Black would be great,
I've no prejudice.
But four foot eight tall
Are you taking the piss?

I save my dark skin
For the people I like
And as for your size,
Well. how big's your bike?

I know that you're busy
With the millions you make,
One thing I detest,
Is the way my hands shake.

That's a small error,
Quality control,
No way it affects
The life in your soul.

Talking of which,
How long have I got,
Before popping my clogs
And starting to rot?

I can't be exact,
It's only a hunch,
All I would say is
Enjoy a good lunch.


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Who's this old guy in the glass
Mirroring me, bold as brass?
Where did that young feller go,
The one who could never say no?

And the boy with a head full of dreams,
A long distant memory it seems.
Would I swap all, and do it again?
No, not while my memories remain.

One Way

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One Way

Life's a one way street,
A dead end cul-de-sac,
And when the road's complete,
There is, no turning back.

Her own little world

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Her own little world

Your fiction is flash, madam,
That clever twist, you had 'em,
And readers, I am gambling,
Enjoy your erudite rambling.

Most everybody knows
You are articulate in prose,
Your poetry is stunning,
Those metaphors, quite cunning.

Your novels are, well, novel
And I don't mean to grovel,
Because when you've finished writing,
That barbecue needs lighting.

To err is human

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To err is human

As a young man, I committed an act,
Trivial in nature, but monstrous in fact.
To cover it up, I told me a lie,
Which bothered me since, and will till I die.
A man of the church, would pray to his God,
And cancel that sin. If only I could.
So as I've grown old, I've started to trawl,
Through wrongs in my life, and that was not all.

The errors I've made, are varied and many,
A clock won't rewind, or cancel out any.
Can't live a life, on what-ifs and maybe,
An innocent man, there is only the baby.
We're human, we err, it's sad, but it's true,
Learn from mistakes, the best we can do.
Live for the future, as life is so vast,
Don't look behind you, the past, it has passed.

Life is…

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Life is...

is a puzzle.

A cryptic crossword
that makes no sense.
A jigsaw
with missing pieces.

A word game
in a foreign language.
A sudoku
that doesn't add up.

A Rubik Cube
with seven sides.
A word-search
for meaning.


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Transient as 
a wet tyre track 
on sunwarmed tarmac. 
Fleeting as 
the first snow of winter. 
Evanescent as 
electricity in a battery. 
Transitory as 
the twin towers. 
Ephemeral as 
early morning dew. 
Short lived as 
a shooting star. 
Cursory as 
a nod from a stranger. 

Invaluable as 
a Picasso painting. 
Dear as 
a diamond anniversary. 
Inestimable as 
insects on earth. 
Precious as 
your new born baby. 

We have only one 
and it melts in the sun.

This is your life

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This is your life

may provide
the pen
and the paper

are the one
who writes
the story.

The Shopping Trolley

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The Shopping Trolley

Squeaky wheeled, the shopping cart
Ferries goodies round the mart.
In its ever changing hold
Lie lost secrets, never told.

Errant husbands in a hurry
Farmer types who smell of slurry
Secret Santas for the office
Squabbling kids who fight for toffees.

Fussy sorts, the feely-touchers
Veggies who avoid the butchers
Grimy toddlers, babes in nappies
O.A.P's and cheeky chappies.

Lover boys with cheapskate flowers
Lonely folk who pass the hours
Chatting with the clientele
Shopping till that final bell.

Thieves with no intent to pay
Drunken louts who start affrays
Married couples, taking huff
Pin striped suits, and working scruffs.

Diets won and diets lost
Thrifty ones, who count the cost
Of each item as they pick it
Mentally arithmetic it. 

Coupon warriors, voucher wavers
Flashy spendthrifts, super savers.
You've seen the lot, know all our tricks
So, can't you get that damn wheel fixed!

O.A.P Old age pensioner in UK, senior citizen.

Tempus fugit

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Tempus fugit

That breath
you have taken
you will never
breathe again.

The harsh words
you have spoken
can never
be unsaid.

That memory
you are making,
the teardrop
in your eye
and tomorrow
claims the lot,
every thing
a fleeting lie.

Be not afraid
though, little one.
Time flies like this
for everyone.
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