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Life is
an untameable creature
running wild, free
and largely unobserved
while we
try unsuccessfully
to hold it captive
in the slim cage
of a
mobile phone screen.

Chalk v Cheese

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Chalk v Cheese

One lone woman,
an inspiration,
is dying;
fighting cancer
of the bowel,
raising awareness
and millions.

A few miles away
two footballer's wives,
former friends,
are slugging it out
in a court battle.
Trading insults
and spending millions.


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Fresh sap is rising
in the trees,
sweet honey running
for the bees.
The birds are singing
in the breeze
and lovers all
have grass-stained knees.

For spring has sprung
it's in the air,
old Mother earth
lets down her hair
and pretty girls
with shoulders bare
will soon have need
of new pushchair.

Where did it go?

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Where did it go?

I look at my life, as it gets near the end
And I suddenly wonder, where, my friend.
Where did it go?  Where did it go?

Always too slow, couldn't get there too soon,
I needed the earth and I wanted the moon.
Where did it go?  Where did it go?

One long progression, a race against time,
The ladder of life was there to be climbed.
Where did it go?  Where did it go?

Primary, big school, college, employment,
Marriage, then kids, not much time for enjoyment.
Where did it go?  Where did it go?

A distant objective, the time to retire,
A day-TV-diet, in front of the fire.
Where did it go?  Where did it go?

Not finished yet, it was where is my pension,
A few well-earned treats was the simple intention.
Where did it go?  Where did it go?

Everything now, in the mirror's rear-view,
The end of a cul-de-sac, nothing brand new.
Where did it go?  Where did it go?

This journey of life is a short one-way street,
Pause, look around, this is your driving seat.
Before it's all gone.  Before it's all gone.

Worry less, live more

Worry less, live more

I wish I was 
a bumblebee,
she never frets
like me, you see,
buzzes round,
producing wax
and not a cent
to pay in tax.

Or a bird
upon the wing,
all day long
to sit and sing,
never empty
cupboard panic,
free fresh food
and all organic.

The tree that sits
deep in the woods,
spares not a thought 
for worldly goods.
The animals
upon the farm,
what use they
for an alarm.

Fishes swimming
in the sea,
all these creatures
wild and free;
don't recycle,
empty bins,
worry what
the future brings.

Even my best
friend, the dog,
never once
has cleaned the bog.
Which of us
then is the fool
and why so many
years at school.

Dear God

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Dear God

Dictators - how can they relax,
and why don't viruses pay tax,
why are some folk made more equal,
could Fawlty Towers have a sequel?

Why do tiny kids get cancer,
should I have been a better dancer,
why do women fight for rights,
does quinoa have to taste like shite?

How do boys become abusers,
are cola addicts, cocaine users,
why is war the only answer,
can elephants be great romancers?

Why have we discovered plastic,
a small tattoo - is that too drastic,
why do we destroy our planet,
how do you eat a pomegranate?

Why so many refugees,
can I have a payrise, please,
why do children need to die,
why've I got but one brown eye?

Why so many different nations,
what's the point of maths equations,
why not more trailblazing mums,
dogs - why sniff each other's bums?

Why is everything unfair,
does it look big, my derriere?
Please, I need some answers, God,
or am I just an awkward bod?

Fortune telling

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Fortune telling

My future must be very small
to fit inside a crystal ball;
our lives are over in a flash,
a quick one-two and then, we're ash.

The press of time

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The press of time

If we were blessed with unlimited years,
none of times whispering press in our ears,
chance for reflection, to pause, take a breath,
no nagging thoughts of inevitable death.

My darling, I'd love you, at first from afar,
spend a Millenium admiring your star,
another light year before I told you
my feelings, enclosed in a sweet billet-doux.

Centuries more, I would take to describe
your beauty of which, long before I imbibe,
I'd gladly spend aeons, singing your praise,
decades explaining, you brighten my days.

Time though is short, for we all turn to dust,
live life while we can and must do what we must.
We both of us know that all things come to pass
So let's make some babies, here now - in this grass.

A beautiful world

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A beautiful world

Aeons from now
magnificent architecture,
destroyed by war,
slowly crumbles
to giant anthills of dust.

Roads, once gridlocked with traffic,
lie abandoned and overgrown.
There is no plastic, none;
it perished, eventually.
The air is pure and clean
and the ozone layer
has healed itself.

The ice caps no longer melt
and are returning to their former glory.
Forest fires are extinguished;
sea levels have dropped significantly.
The climate is temperate
and ecosystems have recovered.
There is zero pollution.

Wild animals roam freely
across our once-great cities,
their only care, survival.

And the human race;
their brief but catastrophic time
on our planet
is over.
They are extinct;
wiped out centuries ago
by a global pandemic
which made covid 
look like a teething rash.

No, do not weep, my friend,
it is a fitting end.
It is a better world now,
a beautiful world, once again.


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An invisible man
Lived a transparent life
Under the radar
With his unobserved wife.

Never voiced an opinion,
Favoured anyone's side
Or backed in a corner
With nowhere to hide.

Always sat on the fence,
Expressing no view,
Prefacing answers,
I believe that is true.

Never hear the birds singing,
Saw the joy in a spring,
Felt the pride and the heartache
That only kids bring.

When he finally passed,
As all of us do,
At the gates, he told Peter,
I'll leave it to you.
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