The clue

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The clue

A lady rhinoceros,
Keeping liaison adulterous,
Gave her secret away,
After roll in the clay,
By a clue which was, shall we say odorous.


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She seductively took off her clothes,
Her considerable charms to expose.
He was caught unawares
At the sight of her wares
And dropped on one knee to propose.

Vests in the vestry

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Vests in the vestry

A woman, addicted to liquor,
Woke up with a twist in her knickers.
They were not M and S,
And her very best guess
Was, she'd got them mixed up with the vicar's.

A relaxing trip

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A relaxing trip

His wife said she needed a spa,
So he drove her to one, in the car.
What a love, what a dear,
But her smiles turned to tears,
When he pulled up outside of the Spar.

Spar:  A UK convenience store chain

The Crafty Shepherd

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 The crafty shepherd 

Six feet of shepherding muscle, 
Nabbed bad man, with barely a tussle, 
Paper bags on his sheep 
Had broken his sleep, 
At the first little hint of a rustle. 

Mr Greedy

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Mr Greedy

A man with an appetite noted.
To eating weird food was devoted,
An elephant's trunk,
With a side dish of skunk,
He had to admit, left him bloated.

Dauphy: This isn’t funny!

Hobbo: Why?

Dauphy: It’s about eating animals, and elephants are endangered.

Hobbo: It’s only a joke Dauphy!

Dauphy: Well I think it is bad taste.

Hobbo: So is the skunk…

A nod to Mr Lear

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A nod to Mr Lear 

Limericks, are meant to be funny, 
Not taken too seriously, honey. 
I did what you said, 
When you took me to bed, 
So, shut up and give me the money.

The Greenkeeper

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