Flat Scream

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Flat Scream

I choose to watch news
For its in depth reviews,
Or i flick it to cricket,
And see every wicket.

I might, in the night
Stay up late, watch the fight.
At dawning, still yawning,
A soap in the morning.

Get my fix of the flicks
Which knock me for six.
Mademoiselle, you can tell,
Telly's my lockdown Hell.


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My lockdown locks are really, truly
Wild, disheveled, long, unruly.
Scruffy, fluffy, dizzy, frizzy,
In the way when I am busy.

Hairdressing, classed non-essential,
Even Barnets presidential
Are growing, flowing, running wild,
Awkward as a naughty child.

What I'd give to have it cut
Smart again, so I could strut
Down the high street, head held high,
Bien coiffé, a butterfly.

Bien coiffé, well groomed hair
Barnet, UK slang for hair

Another Lockdown Ditty

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Another Lockdown Ditty

It's hard to be inspired
Whilst we're in lockdown mode
I'm getting rather tired
Of treading that same road.

But when lockdown is over
There'll be no stopping me
Like a honeybee in clover
I'll have so much to see.


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Life in the lockdown
is boring.
Wouldn't it be good
to go out.
Dictionary pages
I'm reading.
Already I've learned
next to nowt.

Locked Down

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Locked Down
On a planet that is unrecognisable
A lock-down is becoming advisable
Some follow the rules
A few act like fools
Whilst for others, the subject's divisible.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
I want a circuit breaker
I'm in a tier three town
I'm up for anything
That brings my leccy down.

Leccy is slang for electricity or electricity bill
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