The replacement

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The replacement

It's raining in my heart
But there's sunshine in my soul,
I'm at the livestock mart
Where I've bought a little foal.

I can!

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I can!

Decades ago,
a casual friend
and his beautiful wife
had an explosive argument.

In a heady mixture
of lager fueled passion
and crass stupidity
he threw himself
through his bedroom window,
landing fifteen feet below
in a shower of broken glass.

Luckily for him,
he learned to live
with his disability
and settled
fairly contentedly
into life in a wheelchair.
I could not.

In my darkest moments
I still replay that loop,
a continuous 8-track of horror
as he jumps
through the fragile glass barrier.

Can you imagine my pain
if he had been a loved one
and not a casual friend?
If he had not been
confined to a wheelchair
but had died.
Can you really
imagine it?
I can!

I look at my partner
sleeping innocently beside me,
and bend down to kiss her.
Slipping quietly out of bed,
I sneak a few tears
in the shower.


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It is unbuttered toast,
vegetarian roast,
it's chips with no fish,
your least favourite dish.

Soccer, no goals,
golf without holes,
waterless swimming,
playing, not winning.

Life on your own,
children, all grown,
just family, no friends,
nights which don't end.

It is walks, full of tears,
it's facing your fears,
it is knitting with fog,
this is losing your dog.

Dauphy:  Well said, my friend!
Hobbo: Thanks, Dauphy.


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I lost my dear friend, Laura,
Will never see her again,
If I had gone before her,
She'd have caught the right damn train!

Till death us do part

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Till death us do part

Half asleep and yawning,
You took the downtown train,
A misty, murky morning,
I never saw you again.

Burning rubber, squealing brakes,
Tired driver at the wheel,
Too late now, to fix mistakes
And tell you how I feel.

It was the old, old story,
You left me for another,
But God can keep his glory,
And I will have your brother.
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