The Note

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The Note

Son, I am sorry.
I had always hoped
that your mum would go first.
Finding her like this,
cold and lifeless,
has broken my heart,
torn me apart,

I love you
and your sisters,
and the grandchildren, of course I do,
mum was my rock,
my strength, my support,
my raison d.etre.
Life without her
would be unimaginably bleak,
an existence, not a life.

So, I am sorry, but it's my choice
and there are worse ways
to end everything
than a bottle of best malt
and some happy pills.
When you find us,
take comfort in our togetherness
and tell the others
that we love you all,

What children need…

What children need...

Snuggles and cuddles
And jumping in puddles,
Chocolate and cheesecake
And noises that bees make,
Laughter and lollies
And jim-jams and jollies,
Christmas and Santa
And juvenile banter,
Loving and laughter
And dads acting dafter,
Old pals, and new friends
And mazes with dead ends,
Starlight and moonshine
And days in the sunshine,
Christmas and parties
And sweet apple tart is,
When push comes to shove,
Our children need love.

Why I love you…

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Why I love you...

You have the grace of a dumper truck,
The courage of a mouse,
The looks of a duck billed platypus
And the allure of a louse.

You show the kindness of a sociopath,
The morals of a whore, 
The discernment of a virus,
But the wit of a shit house door!


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Snuggled together
watching the screen,
one mind, two bodies,
nothing between.

Comfortable silence
built over time,
happy together,
love's paradigm.


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The world's full of faux millionaires,
Who try to impress with their airs
And graces, who constantly swank
Of how much they have in the bank,
Who select only privileged mates
And have nothing to do with estates,
Unless it's a property they own
And can boast of how much it's grown.

Whose interests are only compound,
And the likes of which usually are found
Exclusively in the best seats
At sporting events and such treats,
Where they sit and hold court, and they brag
Of their jets and their ill gotten swag,
Granted knighthoods for whom they might know
From Cambridge or Oxford, or even Harrow.

Look at me, see my wealth, what I've got
My luxury cars and my yacht.
They work every hour God sends
To accumulate more and more spends,
Which usually results in, of course
A history of splits and divorce,
So, for all they amass and accrue
I trump the whole lot, I've got you.

My Child

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My Child

My darling child,
as you journey through life,
I wish you love.

Not the destructive love
of wealth and material things,
but the constant love
of family and friends.

Not that selfish love
of my, me, self
but the fulfilling love
of helping others.

As you grow older,
I pray that you will learn to love
truth, honesty, justice, integrity,
health, happiness, freedom and equality.

I wish you
the passionate love
of a lover,
and the faithful love
of a soul mate,
but most of all
love of life.

My child, I love you
and I give you
my parental love,
unceasing and unconditional
until the day I die.

Medical Staff

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Medical Staff

A physio called Fizz
And a doctor named Liz
Had a steamy and passionate affair.
The poor NHS
Paid for states of undress
Any time, any place, anywhere.


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The colour of grass, of leaves, fresh limes
Rebirth, renewal and hopeful times.
Green for go, for yes, for caring,
Issues environmental, sharing.

It is growth, it's nature in all its glory.
New shoots telling a different story,
Jealousy, envy, so no surprise
That green is the colour of your beautiful eyes.

Bloody Covid!

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Bloody Covid!

Planned April twenty twenty-one
Australia to see my son.
Fortieth birthday, surprise treat,
Not aware, so act discreet.
Two years in, Covid's not done,
Postpone to Christmas twenty-one.
Aussies keep their borders shut,
Situation, now clear cut.
Staying closed till twenty-two
Christmas next will have to do!

A small, small world, we used to say,
But suddenly, he's far away.
I'll have to wait for that big hug,
A victim of that wretched bug.
At least we're here, so can't complain
A lot won't see loved ones again.
Those who come through live and kicking
Be thankful that your clock's still ticking.
Next time you, your loved ones see
Give them an extra hug, from me.

A slippery customer

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A slippery customer

A snake, of a loving compunction,
Was served, by his wife, an injunction.
She wanted divorce,
Stating reasons because,
Her male had a reptile dysfunction.
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