Things I definitely know about women

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Things I definitely know about women

The end


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Tommy Todger
got to say
exactly what
they did that day.

As they matured,
he got control
and dawned on him,
Tom had no soul.

Then as they aged,
both grew grey hair
and Tom required
some small repairs.

Before he dies,
he'll lay to rest
his funny, fickle
sausage pest.

Les Hommes

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Les Hommes

They spend
the first nine months
of their lives
working their way
out of our bodies
and the rest
of their lives
figuring out
to get back in  again;


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When I fall in love
it will be for a minute.
For I know there ain't
any future in it.

It won't be long
until she says, with a frown,
"Why don't men
put the bloody lid down!"
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