Stream of confidence

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Stream of confidence

watery messenger,
picking up confidences
as you chatter
over stones
and leap
down waterfalls,
ever onwards,
always downwards;
your gossip
at the astonished
mouth of the
ocean, she
shrouds it in breakers
and drags it
to her dark secret womb,
holding it there,



If, as you age,
you are doing it
less frequently
than you once did it

and you start believing
that you're past it;
try enforced absence
from doing it

for a month or so.
You'll soon find it
is all you think about
and that it

becomes an obsession
to the point where it
takes over until, relieved,
you get to finally do it

again, and realise
that although it
isn't everything, you're
not quite past it!

Dauphy:  It?  
Hobbo:  Housework, Dauphy. Housework.  
Dauphy:  Ah, of course!
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