My Muck

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My muck

If I paid twenty bucks, for a buckle,
Or, tickled some chooks, for a chuckle,
Looked in a nook, for a knuckle,
Trashed up my truck, for a truckle,
Or taught my dear honey to suckle,
Would that help my muck make a muckle?

A nod to Mr Lear

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A nod to Mr Lear 

Limericks, are meant to be funny, 
Not taken too seriously, honey. 
I did what you said, 
When you took me to bed, 
So, shut up and give me the money.


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Our shopping trip took longer
When he forgot the money
If we hadn't lived ten miles away
It would have been quite funny.


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I read in the papers that Burnley
Are getting a striker, that's cool
They only paid twenty five million
He probably still goes to school.

The Scammer

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The Scammer
love was in her heart
was in her fat bank account.
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