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With her curly grey hair
and her old-lady clothes
be decidedly careful
not to get up her nose.

For, behind the kind smile
and the twinkling eyes
lurks a wicked old monster
who is thinly disguised

as a dear little granny
with long skinny arms
and a baking-bread smell
but under those charms

there's a monstrous creature
hiding beneath
with a huge appetite
and long, yellow teeth,

who can suddenly change
and turn really nasty
so, best not upset her
or you'll finish, a pasty.

Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams

Good night, night-night,
Mind those bed bugs don't bite.
Little darling, sleep tight.
Creeps down, turns off light.

Bed bugs that bite!
Eyes wide in fright,
Imagines a sprite,
Huge teeth, yellow-white.

In the gloomy twilight,
His fear at it's height,
Scared stiff, sits upright,
And screams out, forthright.

His mother, contrite,
Explains that bedbugs don't bite
And the calmed little mite,
Gets a teddy. Delight!
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