Flower bud

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com
Flower Bud

as a button
latent opulence
and dormant splendour
a whisper
of warmth
an explosion
of colour
a celebration
of life


Photo by Charles Roth on Pexels.com

Does nature
or nurture
compel my
young Lurcher
to search
fellow creature?

The Learner

Photo by 42 North on Pexels.com
The Learner

Go for it, you wimp.
But mum, it's so high!
Don't be a wuss.
I'm touching the sky!
There is nothing to fear.
Mum, that's absurd.
Just do it, please.
Am I really a bird?
We all have to learn.
I don't like this ledge.
Oh, for goodness sake, son
-just jump off and fledge.

A view

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Pexels.com
A view

Sea-sculpted cliffs
and wind-worn trees,
sun-blessed hollows,
a whispering breeze.

Butter-fat cows,
corpulent sheep,
balancing birds
snatching quick sleep

on taut phone lines
humming their tune
to the amorous face
of a twilight moon,

as the night draws in
and the earth exhales
on a handsome view
in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Prize Bull

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Prize Bull

of selective breeding,
the size of a steam train,
a head
of bear-like proportions,
your testicles,
a pair of monster cabbages
in a grocer’s bag,
almost two thousand kilos
of prime beefsteak,
an awesome specimen
of animal beauty,
at its proudest,
and yet,
your behaviour
in china shops
is completely

The cycle

Photo by Sydney Haws on Pexels.com
The cycle

A cathedral of colour,
palette of yellow,
brown, golden, red,
mellifluous, mellow.
Impatiently shaking
her clothes from their frame,
keen to renew,
recommence, start again.

As each chirpy season
accedes to a fresh,
she herself swells,
yet fades with each breath.
In a blink, it's the bole
must make way for another,
sedately decay,
giving back to earth mother.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I bud,
and leaf.

Then would
I curl
and leave.

Natural healing

Photo by Jozef Fehu00e9r on Pexels.com
Natural healing

Gaudily-coloured, thoughtless litter,
a twisted, traffic-soiled tree.
The neglected house
with it's burglar-challenging boarding.
A slovenly parade
of prematurely closed shops.
The pushchaired child
in a tissue thin frock
and summer wellingtons,
at a passing hearse,
its occupants
a study in collective grief.

a Blackbird,
dark as jet,
with a beak
the colour of school custard,
hops down
onto a knuckled branch,
opens his throat
and sings
the first few notes
of his honeysuckle song,
lifting my soul
and I know I will make it
through another day.

The cuckoo

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A cuckoo's a lazy old soul,
never bothers with building at all,
turfs eggs from their nest, dirty rotter,
a delinquent, and troublesome squatter.

Spends her whole life on free benefits,
expects others to raise, feed her kids.
This mother may sing a sweet song
but something, somewhere has gone wrong.

A question of size

Photo by yugal srivastava on Pexels.com
A question of size

To my surprise,
a seed is the size,
to hold a tree.
Well, goodness me!
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