Natural Nonsense

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Natural Nonsense

A curtain of hail
Had awoken the snail
Who jumped out of his shell
To find all was not well
With his friend basking shark
Who'd been up with the lark
At the sound of the bark
Of the dog who can't sleep
Despite counting sheep
Jumping over a gate
Unaware that their fate
Is to end on a plate
Swimming in gravy
With a seal from the navy
Battling the tide
And nowhere to hide
From the wife and his bride
Both of them male
Who'd got out of jail
In a curtain of hail...

Dauphy, “Do we start again then?”

Hobbo,”No, not unless you want to.”

Dauphy, “It doesn’t make sense.”

Hobbo, “It’s nonsense.”

Dauphy, “And you say I’m daft…”

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