Coffin dodgin’

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Coffin dodgin'

I am not dodgin' coffins,
I'm refusing to doff in
my cap, to my maker and quit.
While I have sun,
I will have me some fun,
then I'll hang me around for a bit.

Wisdom of age

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Wisdom of age

Young bull and old bull, taking time out to chew,
Spy some cows peering over a wall,
"Let's run over there, and we'll service a few."
"Son, we'll walk, and we'll service them all!"

The passionate pensioner

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 The passionate pensioner

 You are my Aphrodite,
 May find me rather flighty. 
I pray to God Almighty
 You'll wear your sexy nightie. 

The Inland Revenue letter

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The Inland Revenue letter

 Dear Mr Hobbo, 
Here is your pension,
 on receipt of which 
it is timely to mention, 
the rules that forbid you
 a normal sex life, 
when according to info 
received from your wife, 
you are still fairly active, 
which as you can see, 
is clearly forbidden 
in para. three C. 

Now you've retired 
please accept at your age
 that there is no employment, 
even minimum wage. 
So put up your feet, 
and turn on the TV, 
savour your cocoa, 
between you and me, 
I am jealous to bits, 
and holding back tears,
 because I've still to work 
for the next forty years.

The thief

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The thief

disguised as a friend
who is with us forever
old age steals our youth.

Memories are made of this

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Memories are made of this

He sat in the bedroom
Scratching his head
Am I getting up
Or going to bed?


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Granddad is so old now
His back has got a crick
I think my Gramps was born
When the Dead Sea first got sick.
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