Bungalow Joe

Photo by Lukas Kloeppel on Pexels.com
Bungalow Joe

They call him Bungalow Joe
Because he has nothing upstairs
But people around do not know
And often are caught unawares

By the guy who they classify zero
On account of his leisurely mind,
Who, nevertheless is a hero
Because he's both thoughtful and kind.


Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

It is noise,
not silence;
the tuning fork
building slowly
to a crescendo
then dying away
gently as the fading echo
of a departed lover,
is a welcome,
occasional visitor.

It is the car engine
at the end of the street,
ticking over
in my head,
muffling sounds
so subtly,
I only hear it 
in the long hours,
when nothing else stirs,
then I hear it,
loud in the absence of crowd,
in the darkness.
You don't hear it,
do you?
Are you deaf?

The Queen’s English

Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska on Pexels.com
The Queen's English 

Received pronunciation, 
with little deviation, 
is required to be a big cheese. 
If you're born in the South 
with a plum in your mouth, 
then it's something you'll manage, with ease. 

Live further North, 
say somewhere like Wath, 
and your accent's looked on with disdain. 
If you wish to go far, 
be more than mere par, 
posh speech, you must learn how to feign.

Public Relations

Photo by DSD on Pexels.com
Public Relations

Squirrel and rat
Were having a chat,
Squirrel being boastful and pushy,
"You don't look like me,
People love me, you see
Because I've got a tail that is bushy."
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