The Scottish Bard

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The Scottish Bard

The pen is mightier than the sword
and Rabbie was the king
Twas his sword though, struck a chord
and made the ladies sing.

Robert (Rabbie) Burns, National Poet of Scotland
had a reputation as a 'ladies man'.

Poetic Justice

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Poetic Justice
A poet renowned for his wit
Was surprised to be served with a writ
When his personal life
And that of his wife
To be published, she would not permit.


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A poet, confirmed alcoholic
Combined wit with a pen vitriolic
One day whilst mid smear
Fell into his beer
And drowned in a manner symbolic.

The Poet

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The Poet
I have realised, when I cark it
What will become of my blog
Who can I trust with my laptop
My buddy, my missus, my dog?

So, I'm now looking for an apprentice
To train 'ere I finally go
Otherwise you will wake up one morning
To no more little poems from Hobbo.

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