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Cheeky little blighters,
silent enough to slip unspoken
through the tightest security.
Audacious, irreverent,
helping us laugh, chuckle, giggle,
forget our troubles for a short while.
Collect them, select them,
a pride of nouns,
a mischief of misdemeanours,
a wholesome snicker of double entendre.

Intoxicating creatures,
painting pictures,
whispering undying love,
lifting spirits, breaking hearts.
Chastising, praising,
nurturing, raising.
Essential little hand tools
for describing, explaining,
trying to fathom
the beauty and the mystery of life.

Powerful bastards,
weapons on the lips 
of politicians and presidents.
The potential to heal scars,
stop wars or cause them,
build empires, obliterate countries,
save the world
or destroy the planet.
Words, black as tadpoles,
ubiquitous as death.

Big Cheeses

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Big Cheeses

Too many powerful people, 
most of them somebody's son
think the answer to dealing with conflict
is found at the end of a gun.

Politicians who stroke their own egos,
les Grosses TĂȘtes, and all the Big cheeses,
can't even find a solution
to nature's most simple diseases.

Money, that root of all evil
puts power in the hands of a few
who think nothing of murdering thousands
to succeed in their own bloody coups.

Ask any tinpot dictator
what weapon they hold the most dear,
to subjugate millions of people,
the essential ingredient is fear.

Religious cleansing and fatwahs,
genocide, fueled by hate,
minds of the masses polluted
by those who corrupt and dictate.

In terms of the life of our planet,
we've been on it a minute, at most,
if we don't stem this tide of corruption,
we may as well give up the ghost.

Flower of love

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Flower of love

Love is a flower
with toes in the muck,
holds in its power,
hits like a truck.


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In a country called Femland
They are changing the law.
Soon adulterous men
Won't exist any more.

Femmes can snip manhood,
With utter impunity.
The law will protect them,
And grant them immunity.

So, that men who can not,
Keep it tucked in their smalls
Are in very grave danger
of losing their balls.

Power Games

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Power Games

In the
of the
telly addict
she who
holds the
is Queen.

The Power of the Pen

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The Power of the Pen

A simple signature can

Acknowledge new life
or register the end of one.

Declare our undying love
or send a country to war.

Purchase a property
or buy us some time.

Make us millionaires
or turn us bankrupt.

Seal a marriage
or certify a divorce.

Give the gift of life
or end it all.

Pass me that pen, please.


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Strolling round the aisles at Curry's
Partner says, "Well flower
I always knew, that me and you
Would tread the corridors of power."

Curry's  A UK electrical store


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Top men thirst for power
Politicians watch their back
And women even claim
It's an aphrodisiac.

Yes, I admit I crave it
Probably more than most
If my leccy's cut again
I'll have no beans on toast.

Leccy, electricity, electricity bill.
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